Best Home Rowing Machine

Rowing is great exercise, granted, how do I buy the best home rowing machine? If you have no experience working in a gym or fitness store, you may be stuck with the opinion of the shop attendant, probably earning a commission. This may not be quite how you pictured acquiring your exercise equipment. Here are some things you want to consider to help your purchase:

  1. Ease of use: Take into account both exercising and storage considerations.
  2. Programming and Console features: The more detailed and easy to use the better.
  3. Comfort: Top of the line shouldn’t leave you sore.
  4. User rating: Browse for similar products on Amazon and other websites and see what other buyers say about the product.
  5. Weight capacity: Essential if you may not be the only user.
  6. Product warranty and after sales service

Programming and Console Features

Many of the best home rowing machines have small panels that display your performance and in some cases allow you to select available programs. Though programs are great for beginners and guiding your workout they are not compulsory. However, the ability of the console to track your progress is crucial. A good console should indicate workout intensity, calories burned, speed, time, strokes per minute, heart rate and total strokes. A great console allows you to store information about past workouts allowing you to gauge progress. Many of these allow you to set targets for heart rate, strokes per minute, overall performance and give alerts when out of range.

Seating and Comfort

A rowing machine may have a stationary or movable seat. When faced with this choice, select the movable seat. The motion of a movable seat allows your body movements take on a more natural form.  In addition to this try out the machine before purchasing to see if it fits your natural range of motion. Most machines are designed with standard configurations that may not suit tall or short people. Many of the best home rowing machines are adjusted to accommodate different users. Clothing should be formfitting and comfortable shoes should be used at all times. It may also be advisable to invest in some weight gloves to make the exercise easier on your hands. If you are considering bringing the rowing machine into your home, protect your floor with a good rubber mat.

Additional Thoughts for your best Home Rowing Machine

If you are a professional or have considerable experience rowing, find out how the machine calculates distance. Simple machines often just go with an average based on number of strokes; the best home rowing machines factor number of strokes, stroke length and intensity to measure distance. If you plan to share the machine and use it frequently, you should select a product with a warranty or after sales service.

If you have a small living space, the storage considerations should be on your list. There are several good rowing machines that can be dismantled or stored upright to save on space. On the other hand, if you have space and some extra money, some of the modern machines are designed to work well and look good. These often come with exquisite wood or oil finishes and provide a much more realistic rowing experience. Some of these machines complement you with sounds of moving water; take note the noise may be a distraction. Either way they will add value to your home décor. With these thoughts you should be capable of buying a good machine the best suits your needs.