Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine Review


After poring through tons of reviews my hardest challenge in getting a rowing machine was, the choice between Concept2 Model D and E. If you’re not an avid exercise enthusiast finding the right rowing machine can be quite a challenge. I recently developed an interest after using the Concept2 Model E rower at a gym in a hotel for just about two weeks. I don’t have an issue with weight so I can get away with not exercising but a fortnight of daily vigorous rowing really improved my breathing and stamina.

My Experience: Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Model E rowing machine is a strong, easy to use and effective rowing machine that can match the needs of beginners and experienced rowers. If you are new to rowing with the right instructions on maintaining correct form will have you enjoying yourself while working out in no time. In addition to this, there are many different techniques you can use with the rower to focus on either cardio, lung improvement or just a complete workout.

What worked best in my case was a high intensity interval workout (Dr. Al Sears). After the brief rowing initiation at the hotel, on getting home I decided to buy the Concept2 Model E rower and started to exercise thrice a week for 15 minute intervals. Within the first 6 weeks of my rowing campaign I had lost 10 pounds and was really feeling alive. I also experimented with a lung improvement technique (power lung) and the results have been awesome.


• A sturdy machine
• Can accommodate people with large body frames
• Easy to assemble and dismantle
• Easily moved and stored
• Great console for beginners and experienced rowers
• Self rechargeable console battery
• Good height


• It costs quite a bit (but if you go to the gym often then you probably already spend more)
• Some components such as screws maybe difficult to align when assembling the rower.
• The instructions for assembling are unclear

Concept2 Model E: Rating and Analysis

Concept2 Model E overall rating 4.5

To rate a product we considered size, value for money, weight capacity, durability and value addition. In terms of size the machine is perfect and the 20” seating suits people with bad knees. It has a great range of weight it can accommodate. However, problems with assembly and plastic parts lower its overall durability. In terms of value addition, the product comes with a good warranty period and spare are widely available.


When making a purchase it may be difficult to find an appropriate product. Lacks of enough knowledge, reviews, wide range of products are just some of the reasons. Fortunately Concept2 designs and manufactures many high quality rowing machines. The Model E rower is among the more recently manufactured models meaning there is lots of information about it, vendors all which contribute to making this great buy.