Rowing machine benefits

What are the rowing machine benefits? For many people health issues and overall concern with personal well being is a major reason for interest in exercise. However, if you are considering exercising for whatever reason, your purpose should dominate the choice you make. A high school jock may consider weight training to get a more developed muscular physique while a PA with a desk job may need a rowing machine. The difference, Aerobic versus Anaerobic exercises. A rowing machine gives you both Aerobic and Anaerobic benefits. So every time you sit down and get to the motions with your rowing machine, your body is receiving a quality cardio and muscle workout.

Aerobic Benefits of Rowing machines

The aerobic benefits from rowing machines come about because rowing typically requires a high oxygen intake and repetitive motion. Aerobic exercises are typically designed with this concept in mind. As you continue the exercise over time your body becomes accustomed to the movements (flexibility) and your muscle tone and cardiovascular health improve. In the process of rowing you will burn calories, and lose weight. Translated rowing accustoms you to remain active for longer.

Anaerobic benefit of rowing machines

Anaerobic exercises are those which involve increasing the resistance exerted on muscles. These often require less oxygen and build strength. When using a programmable or adjustable rowing machine, changes in resistance are possible and thus provide you resistance training. This process of adjusting resistance to higher levels is what builds strength; so when exercising on your rowing machine; try the higher levels now and then.

In addition to these benefits a rowing machine is a great investment because:
a. It is very popular and you should have no trouble staying in shape while on the road
b. Fairly cheap and can be done safely in one’s home
c. Contemporary designs are quite attractive and add value to your home

Is rowing making a comeback?

Physical aspects aside, you may want to take up rowing as it appears to be a making a comeback to the exercise market. It seems rowing machine manufacturers have been hard at work tweaking components and listening to feedback and have started producing best selling equipment. Adjustments include attached water tanks that simulate true crewing conditions; improved finishes (carved wood and oil-finished products currently are best sellers 2012); all reviving rowing and the lost glory. The improved machines have restored rowing machines as the weapon du jour among popular Hollywood personalities.

The trend indicating an upsurge has been observed by trainers and in some cases rowing is gaining preference over spin exercises. Rowing is fun in a gym as it involves an easily understood motion, the environment has suitable music (motivation) and pressure to keep pace. With the new technology in rowing machines a similar experience can be enjoyed right in your living space.

Rowing is great as a simple 50 min workout can burn as much 1,200 calories, twice what you burn in a similar spin workout. Each stroke on the machine works out your quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, delts, upper back and lats…complete. Each rep is essentially a combined leg press, dead lift and row. With so many muscle groups working out its now wonder your heart rate is elevated. What about cycling? Well since you establish a more complex rhythm than pedalling, it beats that too. So if you are considering exercising, get a rowing machine; once you find your rhythm it can send you on an effective and reliable road to good health and great looks.