Velocity Fitness CHR – 2001 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Velocity fitness CHR – 2001 is a good machine for an effective cardio workout while at home. The machine is designed with an electronic tension control system to adjust the resistance. It comes complete with a progress monitor and a comfortable seat running on a rectangular aluminium rail. The unit is very convenient for use within the home. It is easily foldable for easy storage and has built in wheels that simplify mobility. The machine is also relatively affordable and is among the best among rowing machines in this price range.

Velocity Fitness CHR – 2001 Rowing Machine

Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine 4

Magnetic resistance rowing machines typically use electromagnetic force to control resistance. The rowing machine is fitted with a large and easy to read LCD display which tracks time, stroke count, strokes per minute, calories burned, distance covered and pulse. Users of this machine can begin with the six preset workout programs or the manual program.

This machine is capable of delivering an effective rowing workout that involves major muscle groups and increases efficiency of heart and circulatory systems. Unlike both air and water technology machines, the CHR-2001 magnetic rowing machines is conspicuously quiet and can allow the user to exercise vigorously causing minimum disturbance. The machine also includes heart rate monitor strap that can be used well to track cardio activity as you workout.

Pros – The benefits of this machine:

  • Very quiet
  • Very easy to store and move around
  • Good display features
  • Pre-programmed routines
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Comfortable seating
  • Movable foot rests
  • Easy to assemble


  • The machine lacks an ON/OFF power switch
  • The machine is not convenient for very tall persons
  • No instructions for use

Velocity Fitness CHR – 2001 Rowing Machine: Rating and Analysis

To rate this machine we considered value for money, value addition, size, weight capacity and durability. The CHR-2001 is designed using very strong components and can handle even strenuous use comfortably. The machine is very reasonably priced and appears to be a great bargain for people interested in a cheap but high quality rowing machine. This rowing machine is very compact and easy to store and thus suitable for small spaces. It is very quiet and comes with a warranty.


If you need a good quality machine that is not too pricey the CHR-2001 is the best among the magnetic rowing machines. The machine is light, easy to assemble and store. This compact machine has padded grip and comfortable seating that will allow you to work out for as long as you need in comfort.

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